Rhodes outdoor escape game

outdoor escape game rhodes
Rhodes outdoor escape game 2

Explore the old town playing Rhodes outdoor escape game !

Rhodes outdoor escape game by World City Trail

It is an outdoor activity combining playing, walking and learning!

As a result, we created the best walk of the city, so you can learn everything about it and it’s most important attractions.

You will solve riddles and move from one attraction to the other! Don’t worry, using our in app navigation system, you will never get lost.

For the hard riddles, an automatic help system will help you move on!

Exploring the old town of Rhodes playing our outdoor escape game was never more fun!

Take photos, discover hidden gems and narrow streets!

This is the best activity for families, friends, couples, students! Finally, for the escape room lovers also!

You can play the game any time of the day, any day and every day!

Location: Gate of Amboise, Old Town, Rhodes

Pax 1-5

Difficulty level 7/10

Average Duration 120 mins

Price 25 euros for the whole team up to 5 persons

2 options

Outdoor escape game which is more difficult, offers total points and does not offer city tour.

Treasure hunt + city tour (perfect for families, couples) which is a little easier, does not offer total points , offers information about the old town and the attractions.