Escape game - Escape rooms

The escape games-escape rooms are a new alternative way of amusement and having fun. These games started being played in Asian countries, but soon spread through the whole world, enchanting people of all ages. In countries such as Australia, Holland, Hungary, Great Britain, as well as Greece for the past two years, they have gained lots of fans, since they offer exciting experiences to guests ,  not only the young ones , but the older, too. In 2015 they started being played in Rhodes, with a dynamic presence in the fields of amusement and tourism.

Fellowships of 2-7 people are restrained in a thematic, interactive room ,  that each time has a different story, decoration and procedure to find a way to escape. The fellowship, using imagination, combinatorial thinking, courage and observation, tries to find ways to escape. The challenges and the riddles were created in such a way, so that every single person can approach them. The game is exciting and refers to ages from 9 to 109 years old. It is a kind of amusement that will certainly enchant you...

The rooms fulfill the terms of all security requirements. Trained stuff, the game masters, watch the fellowships during the game and offer help when the game gets more difficult. Any player is able and allowed to leave the game, just by using the panic button.




What is different about Enigma Escape Experience than other escape rooms;

It has uniquely landscaped escape rooms. Each room's story was created with a careful study of the island's history and landscaped with professionalism, love and imagination, so that they will transfer you to times of mystery and glory. Having high quality features, they combine their amusing with their educational character, offering an unforgettable and unique experience to the players.

How can I register? Are there any risks?

In order to register, all that a player has to do is book online on our website: There is no risk in participating the game. Finding clues in order to escape, solving riddles and all the activities in the escape rooms have an amusing and educational character and they don't expose you at any risk at all. A game master uses a video camera to watch you and interferes when it is needed, while you can leave the game anytime just by using the panic button.

What options do I have in landscaped areas?

Players are allowed to play in one or even more rooms. All they have to do is choose a room, declare it and book for his/her fellowship an appoitment (one hour).